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The environment and sustainability are not just marketing buzzwords at Enviratile. They form the core concept of our business and inform everything we do.

At Enviratile, we recognise the significance and importance of the environmental performance of our products and their impact on the health and wellbeing of people occupying spaces where they are installed.

Our carpets are manufactured to the highest standards of environmental sustainability using the highest possible content of recycled materials. For example, the Sunylon® yarns we use are manufactured from nylon chips made from 100% recycled CPL (caprolactam) which results in a substantial reduction in waste water and CO2 emissions. Our acoustic rated cushion backings are made from up to 80% post-consumer recycled content such as discarded water bottles which would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Sunylon® Information Sheet
EnviraSoft™ Information Sheet



One square metre of EnviraSoft™ carpet tiles prevents more than 45 discarded drinks bottles from finishing up in landfill.

Bottled water is sold across the world in huge quantities, but the bottles themselves are frequently discarded ending up as litter or waste and threatening the environment either by swallowing landfill space or increasing air pollution from incineration. EnviraSoft™ cushion backing is made from up to 80% recycled post consumer PET and sets a new standard for comfort, performance and acoustic properties. … Tread softly on the environment with EnviraSoft™


ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified

All Enviratile™ products are manufactured in facilities that met the most stringent standards in terms of quality and environmental management systems and are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.


CRI Green Label

The CRI Green Label is an internationally recognised environmental certification scheme that has been in place for over two decades. Green Label ‘Plus’ is the highest level available under this scheme. The Enviratile™ carpet tile collection is Green Label Plus certified and demonstrates we are committed to long term environmental sustainability and determined to contribute to a better future for generations to come.


ACCS Environmental Certification Scheme

The ACCS Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS) is the pre-eminent certification scheme for floor coverings in Australia that complies with the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star system for specifying products. Certified products must meet a stringent range of performance criteria and have a current ACCS grading. Our products are ACCS classified and are certified to ECS Level 4, the highest level achievable.


Healthy Environment

At Enviratile, we have always recognised the impact of the immediate environment on our wellbeing, including interior spaces like our homes and offices. Our Green-Flor® and soon to be released Enviraplank™ ranges of modular resilient flooring exceeds European norms for volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, resulting in higher indoor air quality. Easy cleaning and maintenance results in a healthy environment for everyone.

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